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Hailing from Rio de Janeiro and now based in São Paulo, Andre Arthur is a master storyteller capturing the world through his lens. Since 2005, Andre's riveting work, imprinted by the flamboyance of the fashion industry and influenced by renowned photographers like Hans Feurer, Tom Munro, and Gui Paganini, has invited viewers into the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary.

In 2023, he unveiled his world in his first solo exhibition at the Futuro Mercado, an event that showcased five exclusive, breathtaking pieces. From the pulsating heart of Rio to the dynamic rhythm of Sao Paulo, his photographs embody the spirit of the contrasting cities he calls home.

Experience Andre's unique perspective, one that vividly brings to life the unseen and inspires a deep connection to the world around us. Journey into his world, and discover the allure behind every shot. You're invited to see the world through Andre's eyes - one frame at a time.

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